Dental For Schools Program


  • 1376 Government Schools in Lahore.

  • 667,813 students and faculty.

  • We along with our team of specialized volunteers visit different schools and perform the following tasks:


  • Lecture about the importance of oral health, oral hygiene and the proper way of brushing & cleaning of the teeth, to both staff and students.


  • Free Dental Screening of children for oral cancers and other serious diseases.


  • Provision of Primary and Secondary preventive treatment to the children with dental problems in the very same sitting including fluoride applications, scaling, minor fillings and extractions of mobile deciduous teeth.


  • Our team consists of very kind and friendly people and tries to conduct all this activity in a fun manner to keep the interest of children alive.

Health Promotion Activities

Pipeline Plans:

  • Forums at universities

  • Public events

  • Cultural and Literary festivals

We are committed to selfless service to humanity especially the poor and vulnerable in the society.


Health Promotion and focusing especially on Oral Health.


We arrange seminars and panel discussion forums to help educate masses and to instigate youth and professionals to play their role in the cause.​

We want to create a system of philanthropy that would enhance the capacity of the government without causing any financial burden on it.


We want to achieve a national level inducting members from all over Pakistan; and maintain a solid platform to continue serving the future of the nation in every city, town, and village.


We want to create a bridge between donors, volunteers, and receivers creating an environment of positivity and mutual benefit.


We dream of creating a society where the highest level of health services is available to one and all with ease of accessibility and without the financial concerns.

Reaching the Unprivileged


  • Reaching at least 5000 madrassahs.

  • Treating community of 650 villages in Punjab.

Our team of dentists declared our clinic as the base camp of social activities. We would use the logistics, materials, and equipment from the clinic, and arranged free dental camps at different locations within our reach. The needy patients are always referred to our clinic where the specialist in our team would treat them free of cost. Our activities focus on

  • Islamic Madrassahs

  • Churches (Visitors of Sunday Services)


  • Villages


  • Communities not accessible to hospitals and clinics.

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